Educational design research
The book "Educational design research" comprises two parts:

Educational design research - Part A: An introduction

Part A provides an introduction into educational design research as a suitable research approach either to address complex problems in educational practice or to develop or validate theories (e.g.) about learning processes, learning environments and the like.

Download Part A (2013)


Educational design research - Part B: Illustrative cases

Part B contains a collection of 51 examples of successful educational design research projects written by researchers from more than 20 countries. These examples enable graduate students and novice researchers to learn how to design and conduct a project utilizing an educational design research approach. 

 Part B is accessible in three ways:
  • Case selection tool
    In order to select cases that fit your interest, you can click on "link" and make some selections (concerning aim of the research, education sector, country, etc.). Based on your selections, the tool will provide chapters that were labeled as such. Next, you can click on one of these chapters leading to the pdf file.
  • Table of Contents and portraits
    The "table of contents" provides a full overview of the contents of the book. From the table of contents you can either access specific chapters directly by clicking on the titles of those chapters, or you can click on the link at the end of each title, taking you to a brief portrait of that particular chapter. In case you are interested in the full chapter, you can then click on the title and the pdf file will be shown.
  • Going to the complete book (WARNING: this book has 1128 pages)
    When you click on "link", you will access the complete pdf file with all chapters of part B. Please, only print this file in case you are completely sure that you need the full document on paper.


"Your work is an extremely inspiring source of information for me as well as for my students. " (Jana Strakova, University of Prague, Czech Republic)

"I have down loaded the entire work. There are so many sections that are relevant to our work. Congratulations. " (Patrick Griffin, University of Melbourne, Australia).

"Your book interests me a lot because design research will be of great help to address the complex problems in education. … I have carefully read two papers from Part B. The cases are good responds to the question what does exactly design research mean, and how to conduct design research in the real settings. … It is really a great source. " (Wei Quihong, Jiangxi Normal University, PRChina)

"It really seems significant and shows progress in the use of design research.  …  It is great that it is free!!! I will certainly make sure that my students get to use it. "(Seugnet Blignaut, North/West University, Potchefstroom, South Africa)

" Parts A and B of the book have gotten good play here.  I posted a link on the Literacy Research Association web page and many people expressed thanks for an open access book. (David Reinking, Clemson University, Clemson, SC, USA ).

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