SLO is a participating member of this network of European curriculum institutes.
CIDREE is the Consortium of Institutions for Development and Research in Education in Europe. It is a self-managing network of educational bodies that play a recognised national role in the field of curriculum development and/or educational research.
CIDREE was set up in 1990 with a view to establishing closer working relationships among European educational systems.
CIDREE is run by the members, for the members. 



SLO actively participates in the EERA Curriculum Innovation network.
EERA was founded to encourage collaboration amongst educational researchers in Europe, promote communication between educational researchers and international governmental organisations and to disseminate and highlight the findings of educational research.  



SLO and IBE cooperate where possible towards curriculum capacity development.
As a Centre of Excellence in Curriculum the IBE’s mission is to support UNESCO Member States in their efforts to enhance the quality of student learning mainly through initiatives and activities within the following three key action areas: (1) capacity development for institutions and individuals as well as technical support and advice; (2) access to curriculum-related knowledge, experience and expertise; and (3) engagement of stakeholders in evidence-based policy dialogue. 



SLO and the Netherlands National Commission for UNESCO actively collaborate to support UNESCO’s ASP netschools in the Netherlands and seek to improve curriculum capacity development in the field of international cooperation.

The Netherlands National Commission for UNESCO was established in 1947, and performs three main tasks:

  • Advisory body to the Dutch government on topics related to UNESCO (education, culture, science and communication).
  • Promoting the objectives, the action programme and activities of UNESCO.
  • Linking the UNESCO world community and those involved with UNESCO in the Netherlands, such as the national government and organisations and experts in the fields of education, culture, communication and the sciences. This contact goes both ways.



SLO collaborates with the European Platform on multiple education topics.
'The European Platform - internationalising education' inspires by demonstrating how internationalisation adds value to today's education. We enjoy sharing success stories and support internationalisation in education through our broad knowledge, and financially by offering government grants. 
Staff members and ambassadors provide professional advice. Primary and secondary establishments as well as teacher training institutions can benefit from our expertise. It goes without saying: internationalisation enhances the quality of education.



In cooperation with the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, SLO coordinates the activities for the European Agency for Development in Special Needs Education in The Netherlands. This European partnership aims to share and develop knowledge in the field of education for children with specific learning needs internationally. On the website of this agency, a lot of information can be found regarding developments in the field of inclusive education in different countries. In addition, the proceeds of various European projects can be downloaded.

For more information please contact mr. Berthold van Leeuwen (National Coordinator European agency for Development in Special Needs Education)