undefinedCEFR-level writing skills for English, German and French

A research study into the levels attained by Dutch students in havo
(senior general secondary) and vwo (pre-university) education

undefined Addressing the quality challenge
Reflections on the post-2015 Unesco education agenda.

This publication is intended to support the discussion in civil society, National Commissions, UNESCO and its member states by clarifying the concept of educational quality. Policymakers and other education professionals around the globe are invited to use this paper to shape their thinking on the concept of quality in the post-2015 education agenda.


Curriculum in development

The book discusses basic concepts in curriculum development and presents useful frames of thinking and strategies. The notions presented in this book, edited by SLO on the basis of contributions by various SLO colleagues, will continue to develop over the coming years.



School-Based Curriculum Development in China

China is reforming its basic education curriculum. 'School-based curriculum development in China' by Bingyan Wang describes this basic education reform in general and the curriculum reform in particular. It does so by outlining the structure of the Chinese education system, and the recent reforms in the basic education curriculum.

edrkl2.jpg Educational design research

The book “Educational design research” comprises two parts. Part A provides an introduction into educational design research. A new edition of this book is planned for October 2013. Part B presents a collection of 51 cases of successful design research coming from many domains in the field of education (such as curriculum, learning and instruction, subject related pedagogy, instructional technology, ICT in education) and reflecting various purposes of design research. The cases cover all education levels, including a few cases on workplace learning), and report research conducted in a wide variety of countries.

undefinedBalancing Curriculum Regulation and Freedom across Europe : CIDREE yearbook 2013

The CIDREE Yearbook 2013 focuses on curriculum (de)regulation policies, practices and research first and foremost (but not solely) as regards the compulsory age of schooling across Europe. In particular, it aims to provide curriculum policy-makers, curriculum developers and curriculum researchers in (and outside) Europe with a collection of country papers in which attempts are made to disentangle, interpret, position, and discuss the (often complicated) balancing act between curriculum regulation and curriculum deregulation.