About SLO
SLO is the Netherlands Institute for curriculum development.
SLO has the following tasks:
  • design and validation of national curricular frameworks (core objectives, attainment levels, examination programmes, curricular strands);
  • analysis, design, and evaluation of exemplary curriculum specifications at school and classroom level;
  • knowledge development (through research) and professional development in the field of curriculum (through publications, and consultancy);
  • scientific underpinning and international orientation of curriculum development
  • national coordination of curriculum development activities;
  • advice to and support of the government regarding curriculum development.

The projects of SLO are conducted within the following departments

  • Primary Education/Special Education
  • Junior Secondary Education
  • Senior Secondary Education
  • Vocational Education
  • Research & Consultancy

SLO’s work is programmed along eight curricular themes:

  • Curriculum Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Subject Renewal
  • Excellence, Talent Development & Personalisation
  • Curriculum & Teachers
  • Educational Materials & ICT
  • Curricular Strands (longitudinal)
  • Coherence in the Curriculum
  • Curriculum & Assessment